Emergency Response Team (ERT)

 Who should take this course?

Any organization that cares for its employees or customers frequenting their premises should have an Emergency Response Team (ERT). ERT comprises of the organization’s own staff members, who are trained to handle any emergency, while waiting for the authorities to arrive on the scene.

Why is ERT important?

Imagine the mental trauma for your staff if anyone of them should suddenly collapse from cardiac arrest and NO ONE knows what to do. Touch wood…what if that person died in your office? Worst still, what if that person is your customer, be it a diner in your restaurant or somebody queuing in line at your service center. Imagine the psychological trauma, the media attention such an incident would attract.

What will you learn?

You’ll be introduced to the special procedures, techniques, equipment, scene handling, communications and documentation requirements to effectively function as an ERT team member. During the training, you’ll practice real like scenarios and shall be assessed based on how you respond as a team.

How can you start learning now?

Send us your inquiry for details on how to sign up.

What equipment will you use?

During the course, you shall be using your organization’s actual emergency equipment. This is to ensure equipment familiarization. Your Instructor will advise you about other gear you may need, which may include technical rescue equipment.

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